Get Your Green Belt: APMG International Lean Six Sigma Green Belt – Foundation Certification

The Green Belt in the Lean Six Sigma certification project is the starting point. After pursuing this, the candidates can seek many other certification levels in the Lean Six Sigma certifications. But this does not mean that the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt does not hold much weight. Many skilled employees seek this certification course to enhance their skills and gain higher opportunities in their careers.

Today, just having experience in the work field is not enough as employers are looking for experienced and highly trained candidates. The Green Belt certification can give an added benefit if it is badged on the resume. Though today there are many job options and employees who can take up the certificate of Green Belt, there are some of the particular positions that indeed require the certification of Lean Six Sigma Green Belt.

Industries Looking for Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certified Professionals

Today, a massive list of industries look for professionals certified with the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. Some of such leads are automotive, healthcare, transportation, electronics, and manufacturing. Some areas where such professionals are highly designated in such industries, such as property assurance, production, and engineering.

Some well-known companies that strictly hire professionals with such certifications are Abbott Laboratories, Honeywell, Wells Fargo, General Electric, 3M, IBM, Siemens, etc.

Apart from such mentioned industries and sectors, some new areas are opening up ways for certified professionals with the Green Belt Lean Six Sigma. Areas of Human Resources in some of the companies are also looking forward to using such professionals especially.

Learn how to effectively work problems by combining Lean and Six Sigma within the DMAIC method. Using a combination of examples and case studies drawn from manufacturing, transactional service, and healthcare environments, this Lean Six Sigma Green Belt exam will set you up with a structure to regularly frame problems, collect data productively, and achieve sustainable solutions.

Job Opportunities with Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

So, now it is understood about the advantages and use of the Green Belt certified professionals. Also, it has been known about the industries where it is of most use. It will be easier to identify and understand the job opportunities or perfect positions for these certified professionals.

To have a job in such positions, a person needs to acquire the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification:

1. Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Consultants:

APMG International Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification | Get Certified in First Attempt

As the name shows, to have such a position, the first qualification is to have a certification in Lean Six Sigma. Candidates can join in this position with the Green Belt or higher. Some of the job responsibilities of these professionals are to be close in the operations, managing projects, analyzing methods, challenging assumptions in business, and making recommendations for changes in the workflow for the betterment purpose.

2. Manufacturing Engineer:

Manufacturing engineers are responsible for creating and making the products in a company. In many places, they are also a member of the purchase of the products. Having a certified Green Belt aid in many forms, such as troubleshooting any problem very conveniently and fast and continuously changing the manufacturing process.

3. Quality Engineer:

This is one of the positions for which the certification is made up of. Quality engineers take care of the quality of the products so that the products that stand up to the customers are of premium quality, and the company does not have to face any results. Hence, it is an excellent point to hire professionals in this post who are highly experienced and also have a certification in Green Belt. They make sure to give their best in quality checks using the skills learned from the certification course.

4. Industrial Engineer:

Industrial engineers have a higher responsibility as they deal with the product flow, production rates, and similar tasks. They are also at events responsible for quality control. When they have so many job responsibilities to take care of, they need higher knowledge and expertise. The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt exam is ideally crafted to support these individuals in getting experts in such a role and having professional worth.

5. Reliability Engineer:

As the name implies, these are one of the most critical professionals in any company. They make sure to keep the company’s reliable as they work with quality control and directly deal with them. They are known to work issues and troubleshoot customer-related as well as quality-related problems. Hence, companies wish to hire highly experienced professionals and understand the basic knowledge of such skills. Professionals with Green Belt in Lean Six Sigma are the perfect ones for such tasks.

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6. Process Engineer:

Process Engineers work as a leader of the team in a company. They take care of the method and make sure that the project is finished on time and correctly. Professionals with Green Belt are understood to be efficient in such a work, and hence many companies hire such candidates for such a task.

7. Project Managers:

Project managers are those who manage a team in a significant margin. They are someone on whom a big group is a dependant. To have such a big responsibility of getting a big project, a candidate should know about that particular project and be skilled in several added things. The Green Belt certification of Lean Six Sigma offers such skills to the candidates that can help them manage such a big project or team.


Having such a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification course makes the professionals available for the job profile and very skilled to fulfill such a challenging duty efficiently. These positions are filled with challenges, so the professionals perfect for such places are also given high and have a high demand in the contemporary situation.

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